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Heather Royal

Inspired by her ancestry, connection to the natural world and her innate creativity, Heather weaves together indigenous traditions and her experience as a professional educator, artist and homeopath.

In her personal practice, Spiral Healing, Heather offers Earth-based remedies and shamanic healing arts to bring balance and well-being.

In her community, she offers her teachings through various workshops, retreats and gatherings.

In 2016, her travels to Peru manifested a vision of Connecting Mountains-Sharing Wisdom. This is an on-going collective opportunity for First Nations, Q’ero Andean Healers and the larger community to share healing & bridge connections for being active Earthkeepers in today’s society.

Coming soon to Ayni Farm Retreat Center, The Sacred Medicine Wheel, a transformative journey around the four sacred directions guided by the seasons and strong archetypes of the Q’ero of the High Andes and the indigenous teachings of Turtle Island to offer deep transformation and a remembering of who we are. Teachings are ancient and living, woven and rewoven in a blanket to honor all lineages.

Heather is a mesa carrier in the Q’ero lineage since 2009, and listens to the call of sharing her learnings with others. She practices yoga and holds a 300hr yoga teacher training in Shamanic Yoga Studies.

She is a practicing homeopath, professional teacher and sculptor.

She enjoys hiking in the mountains, bathing in the river and creating in her studio. Most of all she enjoys laughing at the little delights in life with her loving partner and three children as they learn to live softly and in balance with Mother Earth on beautiful Denman Island.

Glen Hearns

Glen was raised by majestic mountains, lakes and rivers in Switzerland, the hardwood forests and castles of Belgium, and has grown his roots in the rain forests of BC.

He has a doctorate in “Resource Management” and has worked in over 25 countries to help facilitate dialogue and develop better choices around how humans manage themselves with respect to the resources that sustain them. He runs a consulting practice “Eco-Logical-Resolutions” in which he works at community levels, national levels and international levels, to bring in the principles of Ayni into strategic planning and sustainable development.

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