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Our 12 acre farm is dedicated to the principle of Anyi (aye-nee), a Quechua word that in its most simple terms refers to sacred reciprocity, right relationship and balance and describes the exchange of energy that we constantly share with each other and Nature.

We care-take the land with chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats, hopefully some bees in the spring, a large garden (veggie, herbs & medicinal plants), small greenhouse, fruit trees, nut trees and berries, and it care-takes us.

We were blessed with the vision of the previous owners who chose a permaculture approach to gardening with the land. We are continuing that vision; listening and observing to plant accordingly. Not just our needs, but taking into consideration the creatures, plants and climates needs.

One of our motivations for living on acreage was to create a garden and eat our own food. And we have been blessed with the gift of food and nourishment for every gift of our time and attention, thus nurturing with within our bodies and souls.

We are learning that apples don’t belong to us, that more accurately the apples that grow on the trees belong to themselves, and that we are the receivers of gifts.  The orchard teaches us how to cultivate a deep reverence and immense gratitude. So sometimes we pause and reflect, who is cultivating who? I believe we are learning the path of mutual cultivation.

We practice seeing with the eyes of our heart, which teaches us to see and Know the world as a gift. And when we do that we are much better able to receive it with thanksgiving, love and respect.

Living so intimately with the land and ocean reminds us that there ways to reduce the impact of our living.  Here at Ayni we are constantly looking at ways to improve the way we do things.  We are experimenting with living with less by working with a family of 4 to have a tiny home (400 sqft) on the farm to experience T’Ayni living for a year. (link needed).  We are exploring energy efficient ways to create water storage systems to reduce the impact on the aquifer during the growing seasons and when people are visiting.  We are exploring composting toilets  and solar power. We are living “a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a few steps”.

Our Vision

One of the key goals at Ayni is to create a center for healing both people and the Earth that respects traditions of land stewardship from around the World. Our interest lies in exploring and experiencing how to best live our lives in sacred reciprocity with the Earth, to live more sustainably, harmoniously, and joyfully.

We do this through our offerings of workshops, retreats and farm-stays offered during times of the year that are in harmony with the land and climate on the Gulf Island.

Many of our workshops aim to create transformation that enlivens and embodies a sense of interconnectedness that can be integrated into our daily lives, relationships, and our decision-making. Our work is about how we can integrate the nuggets and principals of traditional teachings into our modern day society so we can emerge with new perspectives and tools for our future.

Using Tools of reconnection with Pachamama. Tools: being in nature, ceremony, artistic expression, yoga, breathwork, play

We want you to walk away refreshed and enlivened. Empowered that the change is you.

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